Handouts for Food Addicts


"I believe that education is the key to recovery." -Joan Ifland

Processed food addicts have found recovery by learning about abstinence from addictive foods and supportive lifestyles. And, there is much to learn.  From how to shop to how to say 'no,' food addicts have patiently acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in intensely stimulating food cultures.

 Practitioners have long looked for answers to how to help their chronically overeating patients. Brief focused, expert handouts have been lacking. The easy availability of useful information in the form of the Handouts shown below will allow practitioners to impart key skills to clients more easily and effectively. Permission to copy Handouts is granted.

What is Food Addiction?

Training in Meal Preparation

How to Manage Cues and Triggers

Cognitive Restoration

Relationship Management

Healing physically, emotionally, mentally, behaviorally, and spiritually


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