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Foods Excluded from Unprocessed Meals

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What follows is our opinion based on our understanding of the research and our clinical observations.  Many of these foods are eliminated from food plans suggested by Food Addicts Anonymous. 

Sweeteners: All kinds of sweeteners, whether natural or artificial, are linked to a range of health problems. Research shows an impact on dopamine function which may be associated with mood swings.   High fructose corn syrup has been compared to corn alcohol in terms of its impact on people.

Flour: Once a plant has been ground into a powder such as flour, it is absorbed into our system quickly creating imbalances which our body works hard to overcome. Flour products include crackers, baked sweets, any kind of bread, and pasta. All kinds of flour are refined by definition.

Excessive Salt: Excessive salt is associated with a several health problems including high blood pressure, swelling, and asthma.  Moderate use of mineral salt is supported by research.

Processed fats: Transfats are associated with heart disease. 

Dairy: Dairy products are composed of lactose (sugar), fat, and casomorphin.  Dairy is designed to make a baby calf grow from 100 to 600 pounds in a year. 

Caffeine: Caffeine is associated with fatigue and mood swings including irritability and sleep problems.  Caffeine appears to have a 2-3 week withdrawal syndrome.

Wheat: Modern wheat has a gluteomorphin which may be associated with irritable bowels and mood disorders.  We also exclude close relatives of wheat including kamut, rye, and spelt.

Soy: Soy has been associated with hormone imbalances. 

Genetically modified corn: Insecticides have been genetically inserted into corn. 

White Potato: White potatoes are the first ingredients in French fries and loaded baked potatoes.  They are a high-glycemic food. 

Nuts: Nuts are commonly paired with salt which can makes it easy to over eat them.  They are high in fat and can contain psychoactive chemicals. 

Puffed Grains:  Puffed grains include rice cakes and popcorn.  The structure of the grain is altered which makes it difficult to digest. 

High-sugar fruits and dried fruits:  These include cherries, grapes, bananas, mango, papaya, etc. In carbohydrate-sensitive individuals, it is believed that high-sugar fruits and dried fruits are associated with sweet cravings.


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